Theo TNN

Hello! I'm Theo, a background artist for visual novel, stream background, cover book, music album, etc. My focus is on environments that have colorful visuals and storytelling.

Vtuber Background Commission [OPEN]

static background

Status : Available.
1920 X 1080 px high-quality image, rendered with full color.
Only image files provided (.jpg, .png, etc) and not raw files.

animated background

Status : Closed (limited slot)
HD quality video, rendered with full color.
Only video files provided (.mp4) and not raw files.

vtuber bundles/PACKAGES

Need a lot of graphics for your vtuber stream such as background llustration, stream overlay, schedule graphics, assets, and many more? Bundles option are now available!Please contact Jiang Atelier Studio :

Keep in mind that when purchasing through Jiang Atelier, every artists personal TOS are active alongside studio TOS.

Commercial Projects

Please contact through e-mail for commercial projects such as visual novel, books, game, music album, webtoon etc. In case there are no response after 3 x 24 hours, please inform me through discord.

Got questions? Feel free to e-mail or contact me at discord.
Twitter DM is not recommended because it often error.

Artist partner

Our skilled team of artisans will bring your "new reflection" to life and work with you every step of the way to realizing your new self!我们熟练的工匠团队将使您的“新倒影”成为现实,我们将支持你实现新自我的每一步!

She will open PNGTuber commission soon!